It all started in 2004 when my dad was making beef jerky and selling it on the side. He gave me a new appreciation on what beef jerky should taste like. He started getting busier with other life stuff and decided to stop making his beef jerky which is how I started making it myself. He gave me his secret recipe and which I then perfected by adding a few ingredients and taking some away.  Once I perfected what my dad started years before,

"I began to make jerky for friends and family and before I knew it people started asking if they could place orders. I started out at home in my kitchen and was cutting meat by hand everyday after my everyday job as a welder."

I began to want to expand my market as I saw more and more people were getting interested and at that time my brother-in-law got Into the BBQ circuit while being deployed in Jacksonville, Florida in 2015. Meanwhile I was home in California starting my family.

My brother-in-law’s interest soon became a hobby I was able to enjoy with him when he moved back to California in 2017. We began  traveling to competitions which gave me the opportunity to have teams from all over the country taste and enjoy my beef jerky. I even got inspiration for some unique flavors. I love experimenting with flavors.

My daughter and my attention to detail are what have given me the opportunity to stand out. I’m a simple hard working guy who takes pride in everything I do. I hope you enjoy the jerky.


Cory Rottino

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